Eric Bobby

Eric Bobby
Space, Tree, Water
2011, Expired Kodack Ektachrome-X circa 1963-1974, exposed 2011, Ed. 3/7, 27 in. x 27 in.
Market Value: $300 • Minimum Bid: $150
Proceeds: Museum 100%

This sublime image has both vintage and ethereal qualities. Part of a series of 70 images captured during the summer of 2011, artist Eric Bobby traveled over 1000 miles of Dakota Territory with a vintage 1970s camera and 12 rolls of undeveloped film lost in storage for over 35 years. The landscape is captured and enhanced through ghosting, marks, and image degradation, which are all by-products of the age of the film.

Born in 1975, Bobby (a.k.a. embii) is an emerging visual and performance artist. He uses low-tech, low-budget equipment to capture dream-like photographs. Image degradations force the viewer’s mind to fill in missing pieces and pigments, creating a unique visual experience for the observer. Embii is also known for his work in performance art, recently producing and directing an original performance piece with a cast of 15 local North Dakota artists. Dr. Ender Yembii—Automotrons was filmed and performed live in the Heart of Chicago as part of Art Chicago, one of the largest international art shows in the United States.

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