International Harvester Photographs

This exhibition is ongoing Main Floor South Hallway, General Exhibition

International Harvester Historical Photographs exhibition shows the transition of the Museum’s current building from an International Harvester warehouse to a state-of-the-art museum.

The exhibited photographs lead viewers through the progression of the building from its time-worn state when it was acquired in 1994 to its current condition. The exhibit features photographs of the building as the International Harverster warehouse, during renovation, and as Plains Art Museum. The building now combines elements of the original warehouse and a modern museum.

“The modern galleries stand in contrast to the rough textures of the heavy timber and brick walls surrounding them,” said Dave Bercher, project manager. “It still feels like a warehouse, but one that has been refined and refinished. It’s a nice level of contrast that you wouldn’t get with a new building.”

The 1997 move to its current location helped Plains Art Museum receive accreditation by the American Association of Museums. Visitor services staff said, “Many visitors request information about this building. This exhibition is popular in that it answers many of their questions and gives them a visual history of the transformation.”