The Misfit Cup Liberation Project

February 10, 2012 - April 1, 2012 Landfield Atrium, General Exhibition

Right now, in the recesses of your cupboard, resides a cup. This cup has been long forgotten and left to sit idle for too long. Why is it still in your cupboard?

With the Misfit Cup Liberation Project, artist Michael J. Strand has asked participant to bring their favorite rejected cups to the Museum, which he will then trade for a shiny, new hand-thrown cup to replace it. Their cups will then reside alongside 99 other rejected cups as a collection of the best of the worst, a collectively curated orphanage of castoff cups.

What sort of cups? You know the ones. That cup you made in the “paint your own pottery” class, the one with a lovingly hand-painted image of Kirby Puckett commemorating the 1991 World Series. The plastic collapsible camping cup that leaks everywhere. How about that plastic cactus-shaped cup? Who actually thought that was a good idea for a margarita? No matter what, Strand will retire them in style and expose the rich narratives that go along with them.