The One Minute Film Festival: 2003-2012

January 25, 2014 - May 24, 2014 William and Anna Jane Schlossman Gallery, General Exhibition
Photo by Jason Simon

Photo by Jason Simon

In this era of YouTube, ten-second TV commercials, and social media sharing of six-second Vine clips, fast-paced message formats are pervasive in contemporary culture. We absorb short bits of information faster than ever before.

The One Minute Film Festival 2003-2012 offers an opportunity to playfully rethink what short films can be by presenting hundreds of one-minute films created by more than 300 artists from the East Coast and other regions over a ten-year period. Most are not primarily filmmakers but work in a wide array of mediums, from painting and sculpture to architecture and performance art.

These films are no ordinary movies. They explore the screen and image as a visual experience. Many of their experiments are funny. Some are poignant or mysterious, surreal, experimental, or Zen-like and meditative. Within that diversity lives a common goal to share personal visions—each artist’s unique and subjective window to the world.

The One Minute Film Festival comes to Fargo as a traveling exhibition from the Museum of Contemporary Art-Massachusetts (MASS MoCA). In addition, the exhibition will include artist-designed, full-size movie posters for a selection of the films, many of which are tongue-in-cheek takes on traditional Hollywood movie posters.

A second film compilation, Exquisite Corpse 2012, will also appear in the exhibition. Acting as a modern variation on the Surrealist “exquisite corpse” party game, the film was created by 60 artists who each received the last second of a previous film and built a new minute based on that glimpse.

Organized by MASS MoCA, with Artist Jason Simon as Curator.

The exhibition and related special events are made possible through generous sponsorship by The Forum, the newspaper of Fargo-Moorhead.

Fargo in 60 Seconds
To expand on the creative vision of The One Minute Film Festival 2003–2012, we hosted an open call throughout Fargo-Moorhead for contributors to submit their best one-minute films and video creations. Click here for details and film contributors.

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