Artist in Residence

Mezzotint Workshop with Resident-Artist Linda Whitney
In collaboration with PEARS

October 23 – 27, 12 – 5 PM
NDSU Renaissance Hall, 650 NP Ave, Fargo

Spend the week working at NDSU/PEARS alongside internationally recognized Valley City (ND) mezzotint artist Linda Whitney. Mezzotint comes from the Italian mezzo (“half”) and tinta (“tone”), meaning creating halftones. In this unique non-acid intaglio technique, the copper plate is worked in reverse, from dark tones to light. Participants of this workshop will have the opportunity to learn how to prepare, create, and ink a mezzotint. Each participant will print an edition. This class has limited capacity.

$250 / $200 members > register here
Free for Native American artists and NDSU printmaking students. Please contact Laura Youngbird