Picture Writing: The Lost Art of Birch Bark Scrolls

Class time: Thursday and Friday, May 18 & 19, 3 – 5 PM

Create a narrative scroll using the traditional Ojibwe practice of birch bark scribing. Participants should come prepared with a story, either from oral tradition, a remade or fractured fairytale, or from a sketchbook. We will think about characters, symbols, and themes to create your visual vocabulary and build narrative. Materials for the final project (birch bark, bone scribes and sinew) will be provided and are included in the cost of the workshop.

Native artist workshops are free to Native artists as part of Plains ‘Creativity among Native Artists’ initiative, but will still need to register. Non–Native artists are welcome and encouraged to register for $80 for nonmembers and $60 for members.


Lise Erdrich and Laura Youngbird
Class Fee:
$60 for museum members
$80 for non-members

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