Nurse Logs, Giant Gulls, and Cave Bears The Curious Public Art of Mark Dion

Tuesday, September 16 • 5:30 – 6:30 PM • FREE

With the high interest in public art in Fargo-Moorhead, this rare lecture by international artist Mark Dion will provide insight into one creative practitioner’s approaches. Dion has been commissioned to create public art projects in Seattle, New York City, Philadelphia, Norway, and England, among other locations. His innovative work creates engaging public spaces and public sculpture—some of it alive—and some revealing the usual bag of artists’ tricks such as scale, fakery, surprise, humor, disguise, and mystery. Learn about how an artist goes about applying for and working on commissioned public art works. Enjoy Dion’s witty presentation style, plus hear about his plans for Fern Grotto for Fargo, one of the Museum’s Defiant Garden projects.

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