Plains Art Museum Announces PlainsArt4All Campaign for a Free Museum

Press Release

For Immediate Release (December 2016)

Fargo, N.D. – Plains Art Museum, the largest and only accredited art museum in North Dakota, has officially launched its PlainsArt4All Campaign. This notable campaign will invite individuals and businesses in the community, including current Museum members, donors and sponsors to contribute to the Museum’s goal of eliminating admission fees to gallery visits. The new admission fee will become zero beginning on July 1st of next year with the success of the campaign.

North Dakota native and Plains Art Museum Director/CEO, Andrew J. Maus, states, “Art museums are central to creating economically diverse communities that are welcoming, entrepreneurial, innovative, and empathetic. It is so important that we offer access to our public spaces without barriers whenever we can…. Generosity makes everything possible!”

PlainsArt4All is a community campaign in conjunction with Rourke Art Museum in Moorhead, a regional art museum that is also engaged in a campaign to eliminate admission fees. The goal of PlainsArt4All is to increase the number of Plains Art Museum members, donors, and sponsors by 10%. Unlike many other museums, this initiative does not rely on governmental funding or a single sponsor to achieve. Maus states, “We are introducing an entirely new model to become free. It is truly an innovative way for us to move forward, and I am confident that our generous community will help make this happen.”

Plains Art Museum is your nonprofit art museum and education center, supported by over 1,000 individuals and organizations. The Museum and its Katherine Kilbourne Burgum Center for Creativity are located at 704 First Avenue North in downtown Fargo. For more information about visiting or supporting your art museum, visit

Contact: Andy Maus, Museum Director / CEO,, 701.551.6123.