A memorable night of misfit cups

February 13th, 2012 by admin Posted in Artists, Exhibitions | 1 comment

On Friday evening, we had a capacity crowd for Michael J. Strand’s talk “The Space Between: Art and Humanity.” Despite a shortage of seating and some technical difficulties, Michael delivered a memorable talk highlighting his approach to socially engaged projects and expressing the delight in the stories and lives he has been able to share through those projects.

The evening also served as a kickoff for Michael’s newest endeavor, The Misfit Cup Liberation Project, which asked participants to bring in little-used “misfit” cups and trade them in for a cup hand-thrown by Michael, but only if participants left the cup’s story along with the cup. Everyone was intrigued and delighted by the process, and the stories provided with the cups documented a wide array of emotions, from humor to bittersweet loss.

Click the thumbnails to embiggen.

One Comment to “A memorable night of misfit cups”

  1. Rey Dekker

    I am pleased to be a part of this art installation/concept. Cup #28 “Climactic” was in my possession for a mere hour before I added it and a story surrounding it. I believe that the fact that the cup and I had only known one another for fewer than 60 minutes yet could collaborate to create a history in even that brief a contact offers not only a counter-point to the mostly long and storied histories of the other cups but shows that there is a story to be told about everything and everyone. This cup was no exception…

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