We’re taking some credit for the lack of snow

Part of the concept drawing for "Lucent Gale", the second-place proposal for the Winter Wonderland competition, by Drew Holmgren, Collin Johnson, and Tali Johnson.

We issued a press release yesterday with an update on Winter Wonderland, a winter Defiant Gardens project. For the project, we joined forces with artist, and NDSU assistant professor of landscape architecture, Stevie Famulari, and the NDSU Memorial Union Gallery to hold a juried display of snow sculptures the first week of February.

At least, we’d planned to do that. In case you haven’t noticed how limber your back feels from lack of shoveling, we don’t have enough snow for the designers to build the structures. So, the decision was made to cancel the event. On the one hand, it’s a shame that we’re unable to present this fun, winter-only spectacle … but on the other hand, we’re going to take a little credit for that limber back. From the release:

“We think that this project shows the power of art to not just change lives but to change the weather,” said Colleen Sheehy, director and CEO of the Museum. “The mere planning and organizing of ‘Winter Wonderland’ overturned weather predictions that promised a very snowy winter caused by El Nina, and produced the snowless, warm season we’ve enjoyed this year. That was an inadvertent impact of this project.”

“Our arts community, in preparation for toughing out our typically intense January and February temperatures and snow in a creative way, would like to take credit for our lack of snow by simply planning this event,” Famulari said.

Of course, we say all this with tongue in cheek; the lack of snow has derailed a lot of cold-snubbing fun in our area. The St. Paul Winter Carnival also cancelled its snow sculpture competition and the Beargrease Sled Dog Race, another regional favorite, also had to cancel this year’s event. All of these represent a dint in our respective economies and deprive us all of a needed reprieve from the winter doldrums.

You can, at the very least, see the designs that were meant to be part of Winter Wonderland. They’ll be on display at the Memorial Union Gallery January 12 – 26 and here at the Museum February 3 – 12.