A peek at Sodbuster

We’re getting ready to host tonight’s Sodbuster Summit in just a few minutes (here’s a refresher on the Sodbuster issue, if you need one). We’ll have a quick recap of the meeting on the blog tomorrow, but in the meantime, here are a few photos of Sodbuster in storage at the Museum so you can get an idea of the sculpture’s current condition.

In the photo above, you get a sense of the enormity of this piece as well as a sense of its power and grandeur, but in the photo below, you can also see the severity of the damage to it.

In some spots along Sodbuster, you can see exposed fiberglass where the elements have eaten through the finish. On closer inspection, you can also see cracks and even holes in the fiberglass itself. While the piece is largely intact, these aren’t just cosmetic issues. They compromise the integrity of the entire sculpture.

Sodbuster embodies the hard work and tenacity of the people who settled this region of the country, and it might as well represent the effort it will likely take to get Sodbuster back on its feet. For the sake of this beautiful work of art, let’s hope tonight’s summit will be the first step along that path.