Andrea Stanislav and Dean Lozow’s “Reflect”

This past weekend, Andrea Stanislav and Dean Lozow presented the transactional walking performance piece Reflect throughout Fargo-Moorhead this past weekend. You’d know if you saw them: they were dressed head to toe in silver outfits covered with small mirror buttons. On Friday and Saturday, they walked through downtown Fargo, through the student unions, and in and out of bars and galleries. While walking, they distributed the buttons in exchange for a photo from the recipient and a story. In particular, they were listening to stories about the issue of flooding in the Red River Valley, taking note of the ways in which the issue has defined our community by strengthening relationships.

Andrea and Dean then took the photos they took and made new buttons, each with the face of a mirror button recipient. Then, they again walked through Fargo-Moorhead, distributing the photo buttons to create a large-scale, yet intimate, shared community portrait of  Fargo-Moorhead.

You can see a video of Andrea and Dean explaining Reflect here.

Reflect is a part of PROJECT Flood Diversion, a series of art projects whose purpose is to inspire discussion and encourage contemplation on the phenomenon of flooding in the Red River Valley.