“Dakota Horizons” by Jon Offutt

Yesterday, the bright morning sun was pouring through the windows by our alcove on the second floor. And it caught these works, new glass pieces by Jon Offutt, just right, filling them with light for an undeniably cool effect.

It’s perfectly fitting for these works, too. Created as a multi-work installation, an important element of this new series is Offutt’s channeling of light, transparency of atmosphere, and the creation of depth found on the distant horizon. To accomplish this effect, Offutt added layers of glass powders that are rolled on to the hot glass surface. He then added the rolling prairie as a separate component, then inflated and shaped the vessel. “This collection enables me to present the prairie landscapes on a larger scale — a scale suitable for the massive prairie landscape that surrounds us.”

The installation, entitled Dakota Horizons, will remain on display through August 19.