From the Director

Dear Friends:

I have spent much of my life studying and communicating the value of art museums. The impact on communities is immense, with the nonprofit arts industry generating over $135 billion in economic activity annually, and playing a key role in a city’s ability to attract residents, employees and tourists. Supporting your art museum is a great investment in your community.

The impact that art museums have on individuals is also significant, with major studies showing improved empathy, tolerance, and critical thinking arising from even modest interaction with art museums.

In addition, there is a strong link between entrepreneurial success and the creativity that is nurtured through interaction with the arts.

Given the profound potential of the Museum’s impact, my first priority as Director/CEO of Plains Art Museum is to partner with community supporters to share the Museum experience as far and wide as we can. When possible, access to high quality arts experiences should be limitless.

To achieve the community’s goals, Plains Art Museum is proud to announce PlainsArt4All, a campaign and annual fund to. Watch for information soon regarding this exciting opportunity for all community members to contribute to something great!

I hope that you will consider joining me this year and into the future in making something wonderful – a substantial, innovative, meaningful and accessible art museum for the region.


Andy J. Maus