Notes from the CCLI Informational Meeting

A couple weeks ago, the Museum hosted an informational meeting regarding the Creative Community Leadership Institute (CCLI), a program administered by Intermedia Arts, a Minneapolis-based multidisciplinary organization whose goal is to foster community growth through the arts. CCLI provides its attendees with comprehensive, professional-level training and support for local community-engaged artists and community developers. A CCLI session is coming to Fargo next spring.

In his presentation to the two dozen or so in attendance, CCLI faculty member Bill Cleveland stressed that communities in the 21st century require creativity in order to survive and be sustainable. Further, arts and community leaders must be at the table in order for broad initiatives to succeed. CCLI provides those people with the tools and relationships within their respective communities to ensure that community initiatives do, indeed, work. In the Twin Cities, dozens of CCLI alumni form a core group of active community artists, organizers, and developers who have this understanding and this vital skill set in place.

  • Curious about CCLI? Please consider applying if you want to improve the community and already have active community relationships, have experience in community organizing, or work in the economic development, health care, or education sectors. Also, be prepared to work: CCLI demands a commitment 100+ total hours over the course of 4 – 5 months and requires plenty of research, writing and research. At the same time, sessions are plenty of fun and use active arts-based learning (singing, dancing, etc.) in addition to rigorous study.
  • Want to learn more? Click to download a CCLI Info Sheet (PDF).

If you’d like to keep up with CCLI plans as they progress, email me at and I’ll add your name to an email update list for future informational meetings.