Our apologies for our phone gremlins

If you’ve tried calling the Museum any time over the last week or so, you may have had a long hold time or you weren’t connected to your intended contact in a timely manner. We’re having some problems with our phones and we apologize for any difficulties you may have had.

Also, we blame gremlins (not this kind, the other kind).

We’re currently transitioning to a new phone system, a process that may take up to 30 days. In the meantime, we ask you to do the following:

Be patient. If your call is lost, please wait a couple minutes and call us back. If you experience long hold times, please hang up and try again.

Try email. If you’re trying to reach a specific member of the Museum staff, you can find their email over at our contact us page. If you’re not sure where to direct your email, you can use our general email address, museum@plainsart.org.

Don’t feed any Museum staffers after midnight. We don’t need this thing getting any worse.

Thanks again for your patience.

(Photo: greatvectors.com through a Creative Commons license)