PAM Highlights: Judy Onofrio

Judy Onofrio

Judy Onofrio

As we prepare to welcome the new exhibition, See Acts of Audacious Daring! The Circus World of Judy Onofrio September 25, there’s been excitement in the air at the Museum. With the opening reception complete with circus performers, peanuts, popcorn, and a pet show, not to mention the chance to see Judy Onofrio’s imaginative mixed media sculptures right here in Fargo, who can blame us? In fact, there’s even an opportunity to travel to the artist’s studio/home lovingly named “Judyland” in Rochester, Minn for a personal tour. So this leaves us wondering, what’s the woman behind the art like? If you’ve seen any promotions for her exhibition, you may be expecting extravagant colors, textures and lots of sparkle, but you may be surprised to know that her other recent works feature unorthodox materials (like animal bones) as the main material.

A dedicated and passionate artist, Onofrio said in an interview with KSMQ, “I’ve always had sort of a ‘collage mentality’ of putting things together, I’ve always collected.” This trait runs in her family. Her father, who was a three-star admiral, brought home exotic souvenirs from his international travels,and her great-aunt Trude was an artist and childhood role model to Onofrio who collected beads, jewels, trinkets, and other materials to use in her art. A lifelong artist, “I’ve basically been doing art since my feet hit Earth,” Onofrio surrounds herself in her craft and has explored many different themes where her imagination can soar.

Browse all of her work at Onofrio’s website and watch this video Onofrio did with KSMQ in “Judyland” to learn more about that bone art I mentioned earlier.

If you want to hear more from Onofrio, join us for an Artist Talk at 1 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 25 followed by the opening of See Acts of Audacious Daring! The Circus World of Judy Onofrio from 2 – 5  p.m. Admission is free to members, and $10 for nonmembers.