Ramp Jam at the Plains Recap

On July 16, Plains Art Museum held it’s first ever Ramp Jam at the Plains. Even though the temperature reached 100 degrees, it didn’t detour over 300 people to check it out. Guests enjoyed the talent of  some of the best skaters and bikers in the area, a free product toss, and emcees Kipp G and Tony the Butcher. Some of the skateboarders are featured in Thomas Rex Kemmer: Local Spots photography exhibit going on through August 28.

Thank you to Scott Alher who made this video. Click here to view.

Ramp Jam at the Plains was supported in part by: THIS Skate and Snow, Turman & Lang, Ltd., Bumbershut, Fargo Billiards, 12th Avenue Garage, Empire Tavern, Red Raven, Revolver, Ink by Noodle, Discontent, The High 5, Bertrosa’s Cafe, John E. Haggart, Laser Systems, MOM.