Spring Gala 14: Quiet in the Center!

Guest Blogger: John Berdahl, Visitor Services


It wouldn’t be a Spring Gala without a stellar silent auction populated by the works of regional and adopted artists of comprised of a vast majority of each artistic endeavor and discipline. Housed on the third floor of the Katherine Kilbourne Center for Creativity, in the Starion Financial Gallery, the works that reside in the auction relate a playful duality in keeping with the theme of the optical illusion. Inhabiting two or three contextual realms or dimensions at once, the contributing artists have outdone themselves in this regard.

Rendering pieces that stun and inspire with a wild mark, a steady hand, a smile, or a wink and a nod, they are invariably expressing dense suppositions or capturing the essence of their subjects and evoking polarizing emotions and ideas that are so humorous, raw, and ready to be discussed with a glass of champagne and a glow stick in hand.


Projected imagery, glowing wands and bracelets and lights one can utilize to scribe a tiddle or spell out that grand, supercilious ultimate truth you’ve been keeping to yourself all these years will abound on the evening of the 3rd thanks to the laboring of quite a few innovative museum members and experienced Plains staff.

Having seen the plans first hand, and the tireless efforts they’ve put forth, I have to say that I will be wowed if Gala-goers aren’t. More wowed than the time you realized you could totally afford switching to from a 3G to a 4G network and car insurance? Yes, ya dingus! You will be able to write your name in light! Something Alexander the Great never got a chance to do. Think about that.

Think about it.

Rolling sound!

The Plains is honored and excited, sometimes one before the other- and then both simultaneously- to have The Carluster Crumplebee Orchestra playing its Gypsy Jazz melodies on the Museum’s third floor from 7 to 9:30PM and Diane Miller and the Silver Daggers playing in the Museum’s first floor Atrium from 10PM to Midnight.

As you probably know, the show the Daggers put on is nothing short of elating, untamed and deeply resonant. There is no band in Fargo more mercurial and nourishing on that refreshingly playful and potent sort of vibration than Diane and her Silver Daggers. And if only Haley E. Rydell, of The Johnson Family Band and her own talented accord, could join in the fun. OH WAIT! She can! Ms. Rydell will be present to blend her crystal whispers and commanding quality of sounds to the Dagger fold and help the night shimmer and shine!

Gala Gala Back Y’all.

Y’know, since gaining employment at Downtown Fargo’s very own accredited artistic institution, the Plains Art Museum, I’ve been letting individuals who visit the area from out of state know that they are free to consider the Plains “Fargo’s Backyard.”  A place that mom and dad keep ready to adventure in and explore- where you can romp in the sandbox and swing set of the imagination. It’s a spot in town where you could meet some quirky, offbeat friends who might be new to the neighborhood or perhaps some of the jokey locals eagerly searching for those creative Comrades in arms.

The Plains Art Museum Spring Gala on May 3rd is an event that totally encapsulates this notion, transcending any old ordinary Saturday night party to become, in the words of my tremendous, great and really nice Museum director Colleen Sheehy, “an extraordinary evening of fun and music, fine drink and food, good company, and incredible works of art.” Something of Fargo, in Fargo and for Fargo. Something of which I’m very proud to be a part!

See you there!