Spring Gala is This Saturday! What to Wear?


Just four more days until the Spring Gala! 

If you’re still looking through your closets to decide on the perfect dress or attire, keep in mind that there is no dress code — be as creative as your heart desires or dress in your normal party attire.

Here are some possibilities and pointers:

The Theme: Garden Galore

This year’s theme celebrates the colors and shapes of spring – think flowers, tendrils, bright colors, something that makes you feel vibrant, expansive and bursting with good energy! Take inspiration from your garden, or the artist-designed gardens of the Museum, including our Pollinator Garden (at the Museum) or Heritage Garden (Moorhead).

The Event Decor: Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau was a an art and design movement from about 1890-1910 that was nature-inspired with flowing, organic lines. For women’s fashion, this means flowing dresses and flowers in their hair. For men, think top hats, waistcoats, tuxedos or tails.

The great thing about Art Nouveau is that it allows for a broad range of interpretation: think about Art Deco, think about the Arts and Crafts movement, think about the Japanese and Oriental influences of the time, or project yourself forward and think about Steam Punk. It’s really your choice – wear something that makes you feel daring!

Here’s a web-search with lots of Art Nouveau images to put you in the mood.

Special Note for Men:

We know, some guys don’t have closets full of flowered pants, or that special brooch that’s going to pull the whole outfit together. So, we have a special set of instructions for you.

First, if you have a tux or a nice dinner jacket, and that’s what makes you feel comfortable at a “dress up” affair, then go ahead and wear that. Extra man points if you want to accessorize with a jaunty gentleman’s hat, a Gary Cooper cane, spats, white gloves, that sort of thing.

Second, if you consider yourself more of an “artiste” then come dressed that way – Spring Gala and Art Nouveau celebrate the artist inside each of us, so you’ll be perfectly styled in your handsome artsy attire.

And lastly, if you’re not the dress-up type, don’t sweat it! You’ve made it this far in life without wearing a cravat or beret, so if you want to go on being the fine awesome person you already are, then that’s what everyone else wants, too.

Come drink the wine, come hear the band. Be amazed at the beauty that surrounds us and be filled with gratitude for our wonderful community on this marvelous night.

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