‘You Like This’ Community Curating Sessions Begin

The results are in!  Thanks to all who took the You Like This: A Democratic Approach to the Museum Collection initial survey last month. This survey was the first step in crowdsourcing a community exhibition of the Museum’s permanent collection. To learn more about the process, view this fun paper puppet video courtesy of our Museum staff.

The survey asked you to rank your interest pertaining to the art we will feature in the exhibition: types of objects, artists, and modes of art. The top responses for types of objects you’d like to see were paintings, with mixed media work in a close second. The popular responses for what you don’t want to see in this category were historical toys and West African objects. Note taken! Your votes also showed that you’re supportive of most artists’ work, but the favorites were focused on female and local artists. For modes of artwork, the popular vote was in modern/recent works, and the least popular was still life.

Detailed data from the survey and your specific comments will now shape the community curating sessions (phase two of the You Like This process), the first of which was held last week. Eight volunteer community members will meet over the summer months to discuss the survey data and work with Museum staff to learn just what exactly goes into curating an exhibition. Their job is to narrow down the 3,500 objects in the Museum’s collection down to a more manageable number. After that, we will post a final survey for you to handpick each piece of art to feature in the exhibition.

During these curating sessions, we’ll be recording video, audio, and snapping photos that will be posted online and actually using in the exhibition itself. Check out the You Like This discussion page on Facebook and keep an eye on the Museum Blog for a deeper look into the process, sneak peeks at the footage we gather, and join in on the conversation! All ideas are welcome. This is your exhibition for your community.