Preliminary Reaction from the ‘You Like This’ Survey

Phase one of the You Like This: A Democratic Approach to the Museum Collection, the initial survey, is well underway. As more votes come in, some trends in the results are being revealed, here’s a preview of the way things are looking so far:

  • One thing is very clear—you are not interested in seeing historical toys or West African objects in this exhibition. Just under 40 percent of the votes say, “no way!”
  • The majority of voters prefer paintings and mixed media objects, but sculpture and photography are close behind within only a few votes
  • The majority of votes for mode of art are in modern and recent works, while the least popular vote is for still life
  • Over 60 percent of voters say they would like to focus on female artists in the exhibition, with a focus on local artists in second at 49 percent
  • Eleven percent of you said you would prefer not to see work focused on male artists

We’ve also had some insightful comments to consider:

  • You want to highlight local artists — focus on our community for our exhibition.
  • Numerous comments mentioned “domestic” works and folk art like quilting, pottery, homemade books and woodcarvings.
  • Many comments said you are excited to see works that are hidden away in the Museum vault and how interested you are to see more results from this process. We agree!

Don’t like what you see or want to solidify your favorites’ position? Keep voting! Remember, this is your exhibition of the Museum’s permanent collection. The survey will be live until June 1. After that, the advisory panel will meet for phase two of the exhibition process to analyze the votes and narrow down specific choices to vote on. Then, a final survey will be posted July 1 for the select pieces to be featured in the exhibition beginning October 6.

Thank you for your involvement so far. We are really pleased with the amount of voters participating. Your continued support is needed to make this exhibition a success!