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Andrew J. Maus, Director and CEO
701.551.6123 amaus@plainsart.org

Savannah Schultz, Executive and Development Assistant
701.551.6138 sschultz@plainsart.org


Tasha Kubesh, Associate Curator of Collections & Exhibitions
701.551.6126 tkubesh@plainsart.org

Joe Williams, Director of Native American Programs
701.551.6139 jwilliams@plainsart.org


Sandy Thompson, Development Director
701.551.6122 sthompson@plainsart.org

Sarah Anstett, Development & Communications Coordinator
701.551.6106 sanstett@plainsart.org


Cody Jacobson, Graphics and Communication Manager
701.551.6125 cjacobson@plainsart.org

Collections & Registration

Steve Jacobs, Registrar and Building Operations Manager
701.551.6104 sjacobs@plainsart.org


Netha Cloeter, Director of Education and Social Engagement
701.551.6109 ncloeter@plainsart.org

Carol Prafcke, Assistant Director of Education
701.551.6147 cprafcke@plainsart.org

Sara Watson Curry, Coordinator of Community Programs
701.551.6110 swatsoncurry@plainsart.org

Paul Ide, Ceramic Studio Technician
701.551.6115 pide@plainsart.org

Amanda Heidt, Print Studio Manager
701.551.6105 aheidt@plainsart.org

Olivia Bain, Pasteur Mudende, Heidi Fedde, Deb Griffey, Amanda Heidt, Carol Prafcke, Ann Arbor Miller, Chelsea Odden, Hayden Swanson, Jill Johnston, Alatera McCann, Chelsea SteffesYouth Teaching Artists


Branwen Roesch, Controller
701.551.6133 broesch@plainsart.org

James Fogel, Accountant
701.551.6134 jfogel@plainsart.org

Kathy Holman, Accountant
701.551.6135 kholman@plainsart.org

Visitor Services

Tonya Scott, Earned Income Manager
701.551.6136 tscott@plainsart.org


Penny Solum, Events Manager
701.551.6117 psolum@plainsart.org

Serena Bouta, Events Coordinator
701.551.6128 sbouta@plainsart.org

Facilities & Maintenance

Tim Patterson, Facility Manager
701.551.6129 tpatterson@plainsart.org

Jim Witt, Maintenance

Charitable Gaming

Karen Breiner, Gaming Manager
701.232.2019 (Blue Wolf Casino) kbreiner@plainsart.org

Dan Bessler, General Manager
701.237.9704 (Big Top Bingo) dbessler@plainsart.org