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Andrew J. Maus, Director and CEO
701.551.6123 amaus@plainsart.org

Jill Johnston, Executive Assistant
701.551.6138 jjohnston@plainsart.org


Emma H. Tomb, Associate Curator of Exhibition and Collections
701.551.6126, etomb@plainsart.org

Joe Williams, Director of Community Education & Director of Native American Programs
701.551.6139 jwilliams@plainsart.org


Janet Zinke, Director of Impactful Giving
701.551.6103 jzinke@plainsart.org

Sarah Anstett, Development and Marketing Manager

Kyla Hoisington, Development Coordinator
701.551.6106 khoisington@plainsart.org

Ariel Stach, Development Intern
701.551.6159 astach@plainsart.org


Cody Jacobson, Graphics and Communication Manager
701.551.6125 cjacobson@plainsart.org

Collections & Registration

Steve Jacobs, Director of Curatorial & Operational Logistics
701.551.6104 sjacobs@plainsart.org

Kaitlin Molden, Associate Registrar
701.551.6121 kmolden@plainsart.org


Carol Prafcke, Director of Studio and School Education
701.551.6147 cprafcke@plainsart.org

Alatera McCann, Community Programs Coordinator
701.551.6119 amccann@plainsart.org

Paul Ide, Studio Program Manager
701.551.6115 pide@plainsart.org

Erica Hopper, Ceramic Program Assistant
701.551.6149 ehopper@plainsart.org

Tayla Sessing, Ceramic Program Assistant
701.551.6149 tsessing@plainsart.org

Amanda Heidt, Studio and School Education Coordinator + Hannaher’s, Inc. Print Studio Manager
701.551.6109 aheidt@plainsart.org

Kelvin Monroe, Voices of Creative Change Coordinator
701.551.6120 kmonroe@plainsart.org

Chelsea Steffes, Public Programs and Outreach Coordinator
701.551.6110 csteffes@plainsart.org

Olivia Bain, Heidi Fedde, Ann Arbor Miller, Hayden Swanson, Jill Johnston, Alatera McCann, Chelsea Steffes, Jessica Rosenkranz, Franklin Ugochukwu; Youth Teaching Artists


Arleen McKay, Controller
701.551.6133 amckay@plainsart.org

James Fogel, Accountant
701.551.6134 jfogel@plainsart.org

Kathy Holman, Accountant
701.551.6135 kholman@plainsart.org

Visitor Services

Tonya Scott, Earned Income Manager
701.551.6136 tscott@plainsart.org


Penny Solum, Events Manager
701.551.6117 psolum@plainsart.org

Serena BoutaEvents Coordinator
701.551.6128 sbouta@plainsart.org

Facilities & Maintenance

Jim Witt, Maintenance, Grounds and Facility Coordinator

Charitable Gaming

Dan Bessler, Gaming Manager
701.237.9704 (Big Top Bingo) dbessler@plainsart.org

Monica Quenzer, Casino Manager
701.237.9704 (Big Top Bingo) mquenzer@plainsart.org