Museum Uncrated: Abstract Art & the Sonic Contours of Expression

April 18, 2024, 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
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Join members of Plains Art Museum’s Curatorial Department for opportunities to explore and investigate museums and some of their behind-the-scene aspects. From increasing general knowledge about collections processes, exhibition development from a curatorial perspective, interpretive strategies regarding artwork and exhibitions, and knowledge about certain artists and their works, Museum Uncrated promises insightful and significant takeaways for attendees.

Deciding to immerse one’s self into the enigmatic world of abstract art can be as provocative and fulfilling and it is challenging and confounding. Often a shared belief, that abstract (expressionist) art does not possess apparent narrative content, can indeed be a misleading assertion. On the contrary, abstract art possesses the capacity to convey a variety of emotional perspectives. Different genres of music also generate moments of profound audible charisma. What happens when abstract art and audible forms converge at the site of visual compositions and sonic landscapes? Ricky Pallay and Kelvin Monroe converge on this occasion of Museum Uncrated to explore some signs, symbols, and metaphors that conceal beautiful transgressions of conventional human boundaries.

Generous support for Museum Uncrated is provided by Art Bridges.

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