Native Artist Professional Development Training

September 07, 2018, 9:00 am to 4:30 pm

September 7 & 8
Free, registration required.

These two-day trainings give Native artists real-world tools and detailed resources to navigate the arts industry and become successful entrepreneurs. The training is intended for emerging and seasoned artists alike.

The training is conducted using a values-based curriculum developed by First Peoples Fund over nearly two decades of working directly with Native artists. The curriculum begins by helping artists express their own vision and Indigenous values, including generosity, wisdom, respect, integrity, strength, fortitude and humility. These ultimately become the foundation of their businesses. From there, the training provides Native artists with the tools and support they need to manage entrepreneurial businesses in order to achieve economic success and grow as leaders in their tribal communities.

Click here to register online or call 605.348.0324.

Training is being hosted at Plains Art Museum in partnership with First Peoples Fund. The values-based curriculum is designed by First Peoples Fund, taught across the country using a network of certified artist trainers and business coaches. Training is made possible through essential support from The Bush Foundation.

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