Events for February 16, 2017

Michael Yellow Bird: Decolonizing Water

February 16, 2017
6:00 pmto7:00 pm

Michael Yellow Bird, NDSU Professor of Sociology and Director of Indigenous Tribal Studies, will lead a discussion on decolonization and water rights. This talk is part of Currents: Conversations on Water, a series of conversations exploring the social, ecological, and poetic power of water, inspired by Truman Lowe’s exhibition “Cultural Confluence.”

Free and open to the public

Philosophy for All Fargo Moorhead – Limiting Religious Freedom

February 16, 2017
7:00 pmto8:00 pm

Philosophy for All Fargo-Moorhead is open to everyone interested in philosophy. Its aim is to approach philosophical problems in a non-technical way to enable everyone to participate in discussion and debate. It aims to combine serious philosophical activity with an informal exchange of ideas and views. Free and open to the public.

Americans enjoy a wide range of individual rights, including the right to practice whatever religion they prefer, but no right is absolute.  Individual rights must always be limited to avoid infringement on the rights of others.  How then should religious rights be limited to minimize conflicts such as those seen in the Kim Davis case?  I’ll try to dissect the wide range of activities that fall under the banner of “religious freedom” and examine them in terms of general human rights principles to determine what limitations would actually promote a wider range of freedom for all.

Presentation by Dave Gaboury, followed by discussion