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Rent our state of the art building for your wedding reception, conference, dinner,  or many other events.

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Planning Your Visit

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Gallery + Studio Experiences

Schedule visits (Guided, Self-Guided, and Gallery + Studio) for Pre K through 12th grade school groups, community youth and adult educational organizations, college students, and camp programs.

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The Store at Plains Art Museum is an excellent addition to your museum visit, offering unique, hand-made items.

Visit Guidelines

We are pleased you will be spending time with us at Plains Art Museum! The following are guidelines for your visit.

Museum Manners

Adults: Please share these guidelines with children before visiting the galleries so everyone can understand the importance of protecting the art in the museum. 

  • Do not touch works of art. Your touch may not seem like much, but even the slightest contact can damage the surface of a painting, discolor stone, and even rust metal. You can always use “Museum Hands”—clasp your hands together behind your back—if you’re having a hard time not touching works of art.
  • Keep a distance of one foot between you and each work of art. It is necessary to keep a safe distance from works of art to avoid accidentally touching or bumping them.
  • Use only pencils and do not point at the works of art with your pencil. If an accident should occur, a pencil mark is easier to remove than a pen mark. Be careful not to point with your pencil; this also can endanger the works of art.
  • Please do not lean on walls or cases (either to write or for physical support). This helps keep works of art hung on the walls or displayed in cases safe. We will sit on the floor to talk and use the matboard as a lapdesk when we write.
  • Running, pushing, and other forms of disorderly conduct are not allowed in the museum. We also stay together as a group. Appropriate museum behavior is necessary to avoid accidentally bumping into and damaging works of art.
  • No food, drink, or gum is allowed in the galleries. The art in the museum will provide plenty of food for thought as well as a feast for the eyes!

At the museum, we will see people in the galleries who have an important job: to protect the art. They will remind us of these museum manners if we forget.

Gallery Rules

  • Photography
    Photography is allowed in the non-gallery areas of the Museum. No photography is allowed in the galleries unless arranged by special appointment with the curator or registrar. This is due to the detrimental effects of flash and copyright restrictions.
  • Sketching
    If you wish to sketch in the galleries, you may use graphite or colored pencils. In order to protect the artwork charcoal, pens and paint are not allowed.
  • Food, etc
    Absolutely no food, drinks, gum chewing, or smoking is allowed in the galleries.

Checking Valuables

The visitor services staff will check cameras or large bags. Without the extra bulk you will have a more comfortable walk through the galleries and be less likely to bump into the artwork.

Thank you! We look forward to your visit.