Permanent Collection


Frank Big Bear Jr.

Frank Big Bear, Jr. is known for his vibrant Prismacolor pencil drawings. His detailed artwork incorporates issues that affect him as both an artist and an Indian. This piece centers on the various problems facing Native Americans, including racism, legal injustices, and life on and off the reservation.


David P. Bradley

David P. Bradley is known for his art that often incorporates a political message advocating the advancement of rights for Native Americans. This piece is a parody of the Mona Lisa and comments on the affects pop culture has had on traditional American Indian culture.


Mary Cassatt

Mary Cassatt is arguably one of the most famous of American women artists. She gained fame for her impressionist paintings and Japanese-inspired prints. She often depicted children and their mothers. This print is of a young girl wearing a large-brimmed hat.


Luis Jimenez

Luis Jimenez is known for his bold, vibrant, and sleek sculptures, which often focus on the myths of the southwest. This sculpture was commissioned by the city of Fargo and celebrates the strength and determination of farmers.


George Morrison

George Morrison is known for his individualistic style that features absract and broad geometric shapes. Although he was Native American, he avoided producing commercialized Indian art. This watercolor from his early career is of a landscape divided into four segments.


Walter Piehl, Jr.

Walter Piehl is known for his ability to vibrantly capture the movement and energy of a rodeo. This piece is dedicated to the conflict between the bucking horse and the rider.


James Rosenquist

James Rosenquist is known as one of the five most important painters of the Pop Art movement. His billboard-sized paintings and peculiar subject matter make him one of the most successful artists to come from North Dakota. This painting seems to be a commentary on kitchen technology.


Fritz Scholder

Fritz Scholder is known for what he calls “real Indian art” and his “untraditional” depiction of Native Americans. He is one of the most celebrated artists from the Midwest. This piece focuses on the activities inside a Pueblo kiva.


Todd H. Strand

Todd H. Strand is known for his ability to capture honesty on film. This photograph is of a poor, rundown school and its eleven students. He seems to capture the strength and resilience of the North Dakota people.


Star Wallowing Bull

Star Wallowing Bull is known for his vibrant and detailed Prismacolor pencil drawings that incorporate historical events, popular culture icons, and personal events. This piece involves several motifs including Native Americans, mainstream American symbols, pop culture allusions, and animals.

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