Currents: Conversations on Water

June 15, 2017
6:00 pmto7:00 pm

Dr. Wren Walker Robbins: Exploring the Intersections of Science, Spirit and Water 

Join Dr. Wren Walker Robbins (Mohawk), a cell biologist, pipe-carrier, and member of the Mountain Spirit Lodge Society, in exploring the intersections of science, spirit, and water. Dr. Robbins will discuss learning and dancing with, as opposed to trying to control, the precious resource of water. Redefining our relationship with water can heal the historical and intellectual traditions that have split the world into living and non-living, and can create policy and scientific knowledge that reconnect us to our histories, our cultures, and our communities.

This event is part of our “Currents” series, exploring the social, ecological, and poetic power of water, inspired by Truman Lowe’s exhibition Cultural Confluence.

Free and open to the public.