Lakota Emergence

May 31, 2018 - September 1, 2018

Fred J. Donath Memorial Gallery

Curated by Dr. Craig Howe from the Center for American Indian Research and Native Studies (CAIRNS) in Martin, South Dakota, Lakota Emergence focuses entirely on the Lakota emergence narrative as recorded in “How the Lakota Came Upon the World,” published in 1917. The place of Lakota emergence is centered at Wind Cave in what is now known as the Black Hills in South Dakota.

The exhibition divides the 1,251-word narrative into sixteen passages and pairs each passage with original artwork by distinguished and emerging Lakota artists. These sixteen pairings, or vignettes, recount the Lakota emergence narrative through written word and contemporary art, illustrating that the emergence narrative continues to be a source of creativity, and that Wind Cave was and always will remain a landscape of special significance in Lakota cosmology. In addition to the original works of art, the vignettes are paired with Native American objects from Plains Art Museum’s permanent collection and from the Red Cloud Heritage Center, Pine Ridge, SD, selected by Dr. Craig Howe, Director of CAIRNS.

About CAIRNS: CAIRNS is a nonprofit research center that is committed to advancing knowledge and understanding of American Indian communities. The organization develops quality educational resources and innovative projects that acknowledge and incorporate tribal perspectives. CAIRNS also provides quality evaluation and design services for projects dealing with American Indians and Indian communities and offers cultural awareness training to organizations and institutions.

  • Tilda St. Pierre (Oglala Sioux Tribe) Ki Co stick, buffalo hide, beadwork on buckskin, rawhide, abalone, elk teeth, quill work, deer toes, paint, 9 x 23 x 6 in. On loan from CAIRNS
  • Richard Red Owl (Oglala Sioux Tribe) Creation acrylic on canvas, 24 x 36 in. On loan from CAIRNS
  • Dwayne Wilcox (Sioux Tribe) Here We Are crayon and ink on paper, 27 x 16 in., On loan from CAIRNS
  • JhonDuane Goes In Center (Oglala Sioux Tribe) Wolf Track brain-tanned deerskin, deer tail hair, elk teeth, deer toes, copper, agates, silver 3 x 17 in. On loan from CAIRNS

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