The Voices of Creative Change Initiative

The Voices of Creative Change Initiative | Fugitive Laboratory for Ideas and Creativity (VCCI | FLIC) emerges as an essential component in Plains Art Museum’s educational, curatorial, and administrative teams. The purpose is to develop and manage dynamic and community-responsive programming at Plains Art Museum. VCCI-FLIC also generates an emerging set of experimental and conceptual artistic programs and projects that are designed to recognize, highlight, and elevate diverse artists’ voices, build trust between the Museum and vulnerable communities, and advance the Museum’s Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (I.D.E.A.) motivations. VCCI |FLIC generates strategic planning, collaboration, and evaluation/assessment that concomitantly supports and delivers compelling programs that advance creativity and foster interconnected experiences for diverse audiences. Consequently, VCCI-FLIC remains capable of supporting both internal and external initiatives and programmatic efforts.  

The Voices of Creative Change Initiative is made possible by the generous endowment support of Mr. Richard and Commissioner Arlette Preston.


Given this, VCCI-FLIC advances three fundamental goals:  

  • To elevate diverse and artistically creative voices
  • To advance the Museum’s I.D.E.A.’s motivations 
  • To build trust between the museum and vulnerable communities  


Underscoring and guiding VCCI-FLIC’s fundamental goals, are several imperatives—which include but are not limited to the following: 

  • To think and work under erasure 
  • To pursue productive transgression 
  • To advance relevant cultural critique 

All of this means, for example, that VCCI-FLIC takes up an intentionally aggressive polemic with the paradigm referred to as “the West and its historical formations (ablism, sexism, racism, homo-/transphobia) as well as persistently duressing dehumanizing forms of sexualized colonial dynamics that appear and emerge from within mundane social relations and cause harm). It asks: are other ways of knowing and existing possible? If so, can we assume that they will be more humane, ethical, and just?  


Dr. Kelvin Monroe, Voices of Creative Change Coordinator
701.551.6120 •


Currently, there are no programs. Please check back in the Fall of 2023.